Uber spotted in Austin? Yeah kind of...

Remember when Uber and Lyft left Austin?
For some avid ridesharing fans, the first weekend after Prop 1 failed was like the apocalypse!

But since then transportation network companies that were cool with the city's fingerprinting rules have been giving thousands of rides.  Companies like Fare, Get Me, Wingz and the non-profit Ride Austin.

In fact, the last time we visited Ride Austin they were just moving into their new digs and they were about to give their 10,000th ride.

This weekend they'll be celebrating the 20,000th ride.  And on Friday they launched an Android app to go with the iPhone app they've had since the beginning.

"We've been adding new drivers and new riders everyday.  But the new Android will allow us to essentially double our services overnight," said Ride Austin's Joe Deshotel.

The non-profit says they have about 1800 drivers signed up at the moment.

Since they launched, Deshotel says people have been asking about the Android app -- and when the non-profit will start offering rides in their neck of the woods.

"We're happy to announce that today we're able to answer both of those questions.  Because we're now able to service Georgetown to Kyle and from Lakeway to Elgin," Deshotel said.

So if TNC's like Ride Austin are doing just fine, what's Uber up to?  Well they're still operating in the surrounding cities and you might have seen a silver futuristic-looking car around Austin this week.  The company tells FOX 7 there are several of the mapping cars in the area right now gathering data that will help with their self-driving research efforts.

Don't worry, there's a driver behind the wheel.

By the way the city's benchmark for companies having 50% of their drivers fingerprinted was August 1st.
Ride Austin says they are 89% in compliance.
I checked with the city's transportation department to see how other companies did.  They say there's a 15-day grace period for companies to get the data in, so much like paying your rent on the third day of the month, some of the companies are taking advantage of that.