Unidentified body found in Caldwell County field, near balloon tragedy

The body of a woman was found Thursday morning in Caldwell County. The Discovery was made in a field not far from where sixteen people died last month in a fiery hot air balloon crash.

Typically, most of the commotion this time of the year in Caldwell County is made by farmers clearing fields. But Thursday morning, near the intersection of Jolly Road and FM 2720, all the activity involved the arrival of county deputies. A body of a woman was found.

Gerald Voss, who had to detour around the scene with his load of corn, said the nude body was spotted by the nephew of a local farmer as he drove by. "She was kind of pretty well bruised around the neck like they choked her to death," said Voss.

The scene, west of Lockhart, is not far from the memorial to the victims of last months balloon crash. That scene is also not far from the home of Margaret Wylie, who longs for more quiet days. "More than ready, the quicker it quiets down, the better it's going to be."

Wylie didn't know another tragedy was so close to her doorstep. Investigators say both cases are unrelated but this latest death, for Wylie, adds to the heartbreak she's felt since witnessing the balloon crash that claimed 16 lives. "I pray for them every day and I pray for the families because that's all you can do," said Wylie.

As Wylie says her prayers, investigators hope the evidence collected from the field will provide some answers.

To help with that process, Caldwell County Sheriff Daniel Law has called in the Texas Rangers.