United Airlines will resume shipping pets, but with some breeds barred

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

United Airlines plans to resume shipping pets as cargo in July but will ban animals such as snub-nosed dogs that face bigger health risks during flights.

The airline said Tuesday it will only accept dogs and cats. It will ban 25 breeds including pit bulls, boxers, bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats. The changes don't affect pets in the cabin.

United stopped its pet-shipping business in March after several dogs were put on wrong flights. A French bulldog died after a flight attendant told its owner to put its carrier in an overhead bin, but the puppy was not part of the cargo program.

In 2017, 18 animals died on United, three-fourths of all such deaths on U.S. airlines. United cited its willingness to carry riskier breeds barred from other airlines.

To see the full list of banned animals, see below or click over to: www.united.com/petsafe

Dog breeds:

•    Affenpinscher
•    American Bully
•    American Pit Bull Terrier/Pit Bull
•    American Staffordshire Terrier/"Amstaff"
•    Belgian Malinois
•    Boston Terrier
•    Boxer
•    Brussels Griffon
•    Bulldogs:
    o    American Bulldog
    o    English Bulldog
    o    French Bulldog
    o    Old English Bulldogges
    o    Shorty Bulldogs
    o    Spanish Alano/Spanish Bulldog/Alano Espanol
•    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
•    Chow Chow
•    English Toy Spaniel/Prince Charles Spaniel
•    Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel
•    Lhasa Apso
•    Mastiffs
    o    American Mastiff
    o    Boerboel/South African Mastiff
    o    Bullmastiff
    o    Ca de Bou/Mallorquin Mastiff
    o    Cane Corso/Italian Mastiff
    o    Dogo Argentino/Argentinian Mastiff
    o    Dogue de Bordeaux/French Mastiff
    o    English Mastiff
    o    Fila Brasileiro/Brazilian Mastiff/Cao de Fila
    o    Indian Mastiff/Alangu
    o    Kangal/Turkish Kangal
    o    Neapolitan Mastiff/Mastino Napoletano
    o    Pakastani Mastiff/Bully Kutta
    o    Pyrenean Mastiff
    o    Presa Canario/Perro de Presa Canario/Dogo Canario/Canary Mastiff
    o    Spanish Mastiff / Mastin Espanol
    o    Tibetan Mastiff
    o    Tosa/Tosa Ken/Tosa Inu/Japanese Mastiff/Japanese Tosa
•    Pekingese
•    Pugs
    o    Dutch Pug
    o    Japanese Pug
•    Shar-Pei/Chinese Shar-Pei
•    Shih-Tzu
•    Staffordshire Bull Terrier/"Staffys"
•    Tibetan Spaniel

Cat breeds:

•    Burmese
•    Exotic Shorthair
•    Himalayan
•    Persian

* Including mixed breeds