UT Bike Share expansion sees large ridership

Austin B-cycle is reporting large ridership numbers for their UT Bike Share pilot. 

The UT Bike Share program between the Austin B-cycle and the University of Texas at Austin is reporting that over 50,000 trips have been taken in the first 40 days of the program, surpassing all expectations. 

“We are amazed by the wide spread adoption of Austin B-cycle by UT students,” said Elliott McFadden, Executive Director of Austin B-cycle. “Our enrollment and ridership numbers at just 40 days are where had hoped to be after 6-12 months!”

As of March 25, 7,823 students had joined Austin B-cycle clocking 54,635 trips in the system. Students are able to join for an annual membership at no charge for the period of the pilot through August 2019.

Nine new Austin B-cycle locations were added on campus and the West Campus neighborhood in February when the UT Bike Share pilot officially launched on February 14, 2018.

To learn more about the program and how you can sign up, click here.