UT students start social media movement against sexual assault on campus

Sexual assaults have been reported on college campuses throughout the United States, the University of Texas is no exception.

Students there are now taking a social-media stand to prevent it from happening again.

They've already had more than 470 students, staff and alumni take the "Not On My Campus" pledge to prevent sexual assault even former UT Coach Mack Brown.

Hundreds of cases are reported to the University of Texas but 16 of them were filed with police in 2011, 18 in 2012 and 21 in 2013.

One case that made headlines involved two former UT football players. They were charged with second degree sexual assault for allegedly raping a classmate in a dorm room last June.

Students don't want something like this to happen again.

"Not On My Campus" wants to provide education on how to help victims and respond to these types of situations as well as bring more awareness to this issue.

"A girl reached out to me after she was raped, seeking help. I had no idea what the right procedures were and I thought, there's no way I was the only one," said Edwin Qian, a Senior at UT.

The School of social work has been doing research on this issue for the past 15 years.

A new report on state-wide sexual assault prevalence shows...

6.3 million Texans have experienced some form of sexual assault in their lifetime.

The majority of victims are adult women and in most cases the perpetrator was an acquaintance or friend.

That statistic has gone up dramatically since 2003, when it was 1.9 million Texans.