Video: CHP camera catches the moment a car veers off road, goes airborne

A Highway Patrol camera caught pretty dramatic footage of the moment a car veered off a road in Modesto, launched to get some serious air, before it came crashing down with a trail of smoke and dust behind it. 

The CHP’s Modesto office posted the footage on social media, along with a warning for motorists to keep their hands on the wheel "and mind on the road.”

Officers said the driver of a sedan was traveling northbound on State Route 99 on Saturday afternoon, when the vehicle left the roadway and went airborne.


Many who watched the video commented on how it looked like a scene out of the 1980’s television series the Dukes of Hazzard. Plenty of people contributed to the CHP’s post on Facebook with images and comments making references to the action-packed, stunt driven show. 

The CHP described the motorist as being “inattentive” at the time of the mishap and noted, “Luckily, the driver only sustained minor injuries.”