Video of dog dressed as 'Chucky' for Halloween goes viral

The internet can't get enough of Romeo.

A clip of the adorable French bulldog dressed up as Chucky from the 'Child's Play' horror films is going viral.

Vanessa Cheng posted the video to her Facebook page of 11-month-old Romeo getting ready for Halloween. Since the reboot of "Child's Play" was just in theaters, why not pay homage to the homicidal doll?

“I’m not a huge horror movie fan — but I just thought Romeo’s eyes matched the outfit,” Cheng told the New York Post.

Romeo pulls the sinister Chucky look off perfectly with a red wig, striped shirt and overalls. The foam knife covered in fake blood completes the outfit and looks even more menacing when Romeo walks in the outfit (watch the'll see what we mean).

Commenters on Instagram seem to be totally smitten with the scary yet cute costume.

"I could watch this over and over. Thx for some pre-weekend humor!" said Instagram user @tes925.

User @sfx.kristina said, "This is the best video I’ve seen this week 😂😂😂."