Violent confrontation between police and group caught on camera

AUSTIN, Texas— A violent confrontation between Austin Police and a group of people was caught on camera.

The person who shot it didn't want to speak on camera but told FOX 7 what happened seconds before he started rolling.

The person behind the camera said he and four friends— all in their mid-twenties— were walking down Sixth Street around 2:30AM early Friday morning. He said they were crossing the street before the light turned green. As they were crossing, an Austin police officer asked one of the five to show their ID. He said his friend refused and used an expletive.

That's when tensions escalated. Two of the men were forcibly restrained. One of the girls in the group was also restrained. All three were taken into custody— two of them being released by mid-day Friday. The third, who resisted showing police his ID, was arrested for resisting arrest. 

In a statement to FOX 7, the Austin Police Department said the case is under review: