Volunteers, including Gov. Abbott and Matthew McConaughey, deliver Thanksgiving meals

It's the time of year to be thankful.

"Man I got a long list, I was just talking to the kids about it on my way over here," said actor Matthew McConaughey.

From celebrities to politicians, dozens of people showed up to volunteer with Meals on Wheels this Thanksgiving in Austin.

"I like giving back to my community," said first-year volunteer Jonathan Sorrells.

This group helped with sending food to those homebound for the holidays. Before the food is put on wheels, you have to prep the meals.

"Yeah this is my first year, we’ll see how it goes," Sorrells said. 

FOX 7 Austin joined up with Sorrells to get a behind the scenes look at how the food is packed.

"I'm going to put them inside the hot box and load them up for the clients," said Sorrells.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas began Thanksgiving day meal deliveries back in 2006 offering a variety of hot and cold food options. In order to pass out, all these meals use volunteers and they are expected to hit nearly 500 homes totaling to more than 99 pounds of turkey.

A familiar face was seen making the deliveries: McConaughey.

"We like doing it. It's a good reminder to the kids for a day of thanks and to give back," McConaughey said.

Governor Greg Abbott also volunteered.

Meals on Wheels doesn't just deliver food to those homebound on thanksgiving; they also deliver on Christmas.