Volunteers speed up Flood Recovery efforts in Lago Vista

It wasn’t long after the water dropped that Peter Schidlowski drove from Houston to check on the Lago Vista lake home his parents built in 1970.

This is not his first flood cleanup at the house but Peter admits this one is a big mess.

“You’re never prepared for it, especially when you see ... well this is clean compared to what it looked like when I first go here,” said Schidlowski.

Mockingbird Street, where Peter’s home is, was underwater a little more than a week ago. Lake Travis was at a near record level and had overtaken several homes along the North Shore. Property was flooded from Volente to Jonestown and past Lago Vista. Peter said the water washed in several surprises.

“A wave runner, we’ve seen two upside down boats. Especially when it was really happening, I don’t know what day that was, Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s been the worse. 

The debris has been incredible that’s come down this lake.”

City crews are helping residents with the clean up process. Several Dumpsters drop off locations have been set up.  

And a fleet of  dump trucks are deployed in the hardest hit areas. There still a lot of debris to be cleaned up and as the water level continues to reseed there will be even more.The one thing that’s really make a big difference for those flooded out is the number of volunteers showing up.

People like Tanya Hastints. Tanya spent Tuesday at her friends house. She may be small but her heart is big; and her determination is strong, although she wasn’t entirely prepared for how big of a job she had. 

“No I didn’t realize it but I said, I’m free all day I can spend all day with her, she works has too make mortgage payments so I said alright wasn’t missing much,” said Hastints

Another helper was Contractor Mike Nichols. He lives in Lago Vista and is part of a mobilization of volunteers working both sides of the lake.

“My guys clock in from the time they leave and they clock out when they get home. I’m paying my guys, yes. My guys are not volunteering I’m volunteering, they still need a paycheck,” said Nichols.

The quickest rebound appears to be at The Island Condos.

No longer cut off by the high water, power to the Island was restored . Only the lower parking garage appears to be the hardest hit on the island.

Cleaning supplies are being made available to residents at the fire departments in Lago Vista and Jonestown.

The water Tuesday also pulled away from 1431. Road crews spent the day clearing the debris so the important link between marble Falls and Cedar Park could reopen.