WATCH: Driver pulls gun on Nevada biker

A motorcyclist in Nevada says he captured one of the scariest moments of his life on video when a driver suddenly pointed a gun at him on a road outside Las Vegas. The biker, who asked not to be identified, posted the video to YouTube on Saturday. He said he was wearing a GoPro camera.

Initially, the video shows one motorcyclist riding off the road near a group of cars and trucks in Henderson, southeast of Las Vegas. The driver of a red pickup truck sticks his hand out of his window and makes an obscene gesture.

The biker said he regrets the next decision he made: to tap on the passenger's side window and ask what was going on. Once the window slides down, the driver and two passengers shout expletives at the biker. The driver points his gun and the passenger warns that the biker would "get shot."

The biker responds, "Take it easy, man!"

Warning: Video contains profanity.

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