WATCH: Endorphins aren't the only thing getting you high at the gym

Next time you’re high forget the munchies and go for crunches. Or at least you should if you are in San Francisco. A new gym called Power Plant Fitness is set to open this fall where members will be allowed to consume cannabis on site. It claims to be the world’s first cannabis friendly gyms. Jim McAlpine, the founder of Power Plant says "It won’t be a place to get high and screw around. We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side."

The purpose of the gym is to reverse the lazy stereotype about pot users. McAlpine wants to use cannabis as a tool for focus and recovery. He says every new member will take a "cannabis performance assessment" where they will use marijuana under the supervision of staff to determine the most optimal way to consume.

The company plans to put out their own line of edibles designed for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery. We’re down for any gym that encourages brownie consumption.

But we can’t help but wonder about the health risks. We know that marijuana is dehydrating, as does anyone who has ever gotten cotton mouth. Some even experience dizziness, shortness of breath, and panicking. Throw in some weights and it’s hard to say what will happen. But with more and more gyms serving alcohol on site, is this really such a stretch? (See what we did there?)

Do we really hate working out this much we need to get high or buzzed to do it… the answer is yes.