WATCH: Orlando officer buys all of street vendor’s flowers after complaint

An Orlando police officer has gone viral on TikTok for his act of kindness toward a woman selling flowers who received a complaint. 

Officer James Wilson was called after someone complained about a street vendor selling flowers the day before Valentine's Day, according to the Fraternal Order of Police Orlando Lodge #25, Inc. 

Jackie Irby said she watched it all unfold as she was waiting in traffic by the Mall at Millenia and recorded the moment.

"We watched the police officer approach the vendor and assumed he was going to kick her off the corner."

But instead, he started taking out money.  Wilson decided to buy all of the vendor's flowers so she could go home for the day. 

"We were pleasantly surprised and excited to see him buy all of her flowers. She looked like she was so grateful. She almost looked like she wanted to kiss his hand."

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Irby said, "I’d love to thank Officer Wilson for that, for handling the call that way and handling the vendor with kinds and empathy, sending her home with money in her pocket versus sending her home with a citation.  We have good police officers out there too." 

As for Irby's TikTok account, it received thousands of views.

"Never expected it, but I was so excited to share it because it was something so positive for everyone to see, specially with everything going on now, we all need positive videos."

The video on TikTok had racked up over 340,000 views since being posted last week. Commenters flooded the video with praise for the kind officer. 

"One in a million! I have high respect for this kind of policeman," one commenter wrote. 

Another said, "This officer is a hero."

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