Weather causing several crashes including one involving AISD school bus

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The weather is making for a dangerous commute across Central Texas. There have been several crashes including one involving a school bus.

in Pflugerville, an 18-wheeler was in the median at Toll 130 and Plfugerville Parkway. Southbuond lanes were closed while crews attempted to get it out.

Police say the 18-wheeler collided with another truck in the southbound lanes and ended up on its side. neither driver involved was hurt.

Hours prior, Austin police responded to a crash involving an AISD school bus. It happened in the 4700 block of Oldfort Hill Drive near MLK around 8:21 a.m.

The bus driver says she hydroplaned and it caused her to crash into two parked cars and come to rest in a yard.

One of the owners of the parked car that was hit says she heard the crash.

"Boom! It was loud. we just knew it hit our house. But the noise, the impact, you could feel the impact. It was very loud," says Kym Taylor.

Four Eastside Memorial High School students were inside. No one was hurt. The students were taken to school in another bus.