Weather Facts: Spring storms

Spring is here bringing wild flowers, warmer times and severe storms. The first tornado outbreak recently happened in Oklahoma but so far though it has been a slow start to severe season. FOX 7's Zack Shields talks about the numbers and explains what is hindering the spring storms.

Before the recent Oklahoma tornado outbreak, we had a low number of hail, wind and tornado reports.

Usually by now we have seen over a thousand of severe reports across the country. Right now, we are sitting at a few hundred.

Even here in Texas for the most part we have been spared the severe storms with only a hand full of hail and wind reports.

The unofficial tornado count for 2015 is at 38. This is way below last year's and average for the first three months.

The main reason for the lack of storms is winter hanging on later than normal. The overall pattern has featured a blocking high to our west and a huge low out east. This has kept the storm track buckled later than usual promoting more strong fronts to move in more often. With the fronts coming in every 3 or 4 days,

The warm air and moisture have had a tough time migrating north to interact with fronts to create a severe setup.

The slow start is not a precursor of what's to come. April to June is the peak time for severe weather. The prime targets in the spring are from Texas to Nebraska.

We still have plenty of time to get our share of severe storms as the air continues to warm up.