Weather in Austin causes damage

The rain over the last few days provided conditions for things to go wrong. Early Sunday morning an Austin woman woke up to find a tree smashed onto her car.

Tommy Ingram and his crew sawed the tree to pieces, after it fell on this homeowner's car.

“It's an old tree, it's been around a long time,” said Ingram, owner of Tommy’s Tree Service.

The conditions were perfect for the tree to fall.

“Water seeps down in the hole and it gets root rot. You go back and kick that root. What it is is the roots are really bad and they just tumble over,” said Ingram.

The car owner did not want to go on camera, but she says early Sunday morning around 5:00 she heard a loud bang in her front yard. To her astonishment, she saw the tree on her car.  The tree service came out Monday morning. Ingram said the combination of no rain, and then a lot at once, plus age can cause brittle roots to break.

“We've had all this heat. All the damage has been done on these trees,” said Ingram.

That wasn't all of the weather woes. A gas line's leakage mixed with the rain water in Downtown Austin

“Whenever you have high humidity, that has the propensity to keep gas vapors down, versus on a warm dry day, it would allow them to evaporate up and not stay accumulated,” said Todd Pomroy, battalion chief of Austin Fire Department.

Texas gas crews were able to clamp the broken gas line after a few hours. But it caused traffic issues all day.

Meanwhile back in Cherrywood this homeowner is just thankful Tommy Ingram's crew and her insurance are working with her. Nobody was in the car when the tree smashed it.

The leak downtown was not too much of a hazard. Firefighters say that could have been a different story if an open flame was nearby