Video: Breaching whale nearly lands in fishing boat off New Jersey

A pair in a boat off the coast of New Jersey got quite a surprise when a whale breached and knocked against their boat.  The close encounter was all caught on video.

A father and son were fishing in the waters off of Monmouth County on Wednesday, October 12.

Zach Piller said he and his father Doug set out fishing from Belmar Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, they had both woken up with a "strange feeling about whales," Zach told Storyful.

The pair spotted sharks and dolphins earlier in the day, but when the younger Piller pulled out his phone to take a video of his dad’s catch, the 'sea creature' they captured on camera was much larger than they were expecting.

Zach said his father managed not to lose his fish, and "wasn’t fazed at all."

They were visiting the Jersey shore from Bensalem, Pennsylvania.