Williamson County commissioners approve plan to set up vaccination hub

The parking lot of Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex will be used as a drive-through mass distribution site for Williamson County COVID-19 vaccinations. Shots will also be provided at the Sun City Ballroom in Georgetown.

The first shipment of 6,000 doses of vaccine is expected to arrive by Wednesday.

"My intent is to be done with the 6,000 by Sunday. So yes sir we will be able to start this week," said Michael Shoe, the Director of WilCo Emergency Services

With more than 30,000 people already on a vaccine waiting list in Williamson County, the first step required a vote. Tuesday morning, Williamson County Commissioners approved a contract with the operators of Family Emergency Room. The clinic will receive vaccines from the state as part of the county's hub plan.

The plan, according to Judge Bill Gravell, is designed to be flexible. "What I have the most confidence in, is our staff, and their ability to adapt and change. When we get the ball you are going to see we run really well, but you are also going to see some audible called as well, too," said Judge Gravell.

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You don't have to live in Williamson County to use any of the hub locations. However, only those in the phase 1a and 1b classifications are eligible for shots at this time.

Identifying first responders & those over the age of 65 is not a problem. But verifying those who claim a health condition is going to be a problem because of privacy law.

"It’s very easy for someone to jump the line by saying they do have those co-morbidities, and that’s something they will have to live with," said Shoe.

County commissioners have voiced two concerns.

The first is how to help people who struggle with technology, to sign up. And the other; how to move forward after Phase 1 is done. The signup for the Sun City site will be posted on the county website, wilco.org, once the vaccine arrives.

County officials are also considering setting up a phone number and some type of assistance program. "Absolutely, we've got to address that and we are work on a plan, I can’t tell you to want that plan is yet, but we certainly acknowledge that is a challenge we are going to have to address very quickly," said P2 Commissioner Cynthia Long.

The other hub sites will be managed by Family Emergency Room. Names on a waiting list are already being collected on the company website.

 After Phase 1 the remaining number of first shot vaccines needed in Williamson County is estimated to be about 350,000. "Yes we will need various entities to help us out, and as the state gets the vaccine and is distributing it out, we want them to realize that Williamson County has a plan and we will, with our partners, will be able to get the vaccine out," said P3 Commissioner Valerie Covey.

One of those additional hub plan partners may be Curative Medical Associates. The group is currently providing drive up COVID-19 testing.