Williamson County deputies seize more than 100 pounds of meth and heroin

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A traffic stop turned into what the Williamson County Sheriff's Office is calling, "the biggest drug bust in Central Texas in recent years".

Sheriff Robert Chody says on Tuesday February 26th 37-year-old Lucia Garcia was driving and was pulled over for a traffic stop at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, south of Jarrell, in Williamson County.

"After initial contact with the driver the inconsistencies with the driver raised suspicion of the deputy and the driver consented the deputy to search the vehicle,” Sheriff Chody says.

Sheriff Chody says the 2008 Chevy pickup truck was later moved to the Williamson County impound yard. That's when the entire narcotics team was called - and discovered all of this - $1.5 million worth of drugs. "111 pounds of meth plus an additional 63 pounds of heroin total $1.5 million and up,” he adds.

Detectives moved four tires from the truck and found metal traps welded to each rim under the tires.

"Each trap contained three bundles with a total of 24 bundles of narcotics. Seven bundles were heroin, 17 of them were meth.”, Sheriff Chody says.

Garcia, originally from the Eagle Pass area was traveling from the south, headed north to Dallas.

"The I-35 corridor is a well-known drug corridor for Austin and the general public. We have had some experiences where they go to Dallas cut it up and it comes right back to Central Texas and we have seen some increases in overdoses in Williamson County."

The Williamson County Sheriff's office says she's not cooperating right now but she's currently in jail and facing felony charges.

Deputies say also say this wasn't a typical bust and is definitely connected to cartels.

Sheriff Chody adds, "Make no mistake the WilCo deputies saved lives by taking this off the streets."

Officials believe that portions of this bust would have for sure been delivered and distributed to people in Central Texas.

"If anybody thinks that narcotics are not coming from the south and through Williamson County they are naive. This is a great example this came from the south,” he finishes.

Lucia Garcia is being charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver. She's currently at the Williamson County jail.