Williamson County detective arrested

A Williamson County sheriff's detective is arrested for allegedly lying on his time sheet. Deputies say they discovered the fraud after going through the data on the tracking device on the detective's car.

On the top of every Williamson County patrol car is a GPS tracking device. The intended purpose is officer safety.

According to Captain Fred Thomas, "If an officer gets in a chase we can follow him, dispatch, and follow him, see where he's going without putting out the play-by-play directions, and it lets us know where they're at all times."

Captain Thomas says the sheriff's office used the device for a different reason in January after an employee voiced his concerns about Property Crimes Detective Robert Kee leaving his post early for an extra job.

Kee was assigned to work security at the Block House neighborhood near Cedar Park at a rate of $50 dollars an hour.

"Most of the MUD districts contract for deputies or officers to provide security for the neighborhood," says Captain Thomas.

The Texas Rangers reviewed Kee's time sheets for the months of October, November and December as well as the GPS data on his patrol car.

Investigators say on November 18th, Kee said he worked from 6-10 p-m, while GPS data registered Kee arriving at block house at 5:55 and departing at 7:04 for a residence in round rock 9 miles away.

On December 20th, investigators say Kee put that he worked security from 8:30am to 2:30pm while GPS data revealed that he arrived at the block house neighborhood at 9:54 and departed at 10:18 for Seton Medical Center Williamson County in Round Rock, 13 miles away.

"Basically, he was allegedly falsifying his time sheets at an extra job where he was working," says Captain Thomas.

Kee was booked into the Williamson County jail on February 4th for tampering with a government record, a third degree felony.

A conviction could mean up to 10 years in jail.