Wimberley community gathers to remember flood victims

WIMBERLEY, Texas-- It's been nearly five months since the City of Wimberley suffered catastrophic flooding. Nine people were killed and two others are still missing.

A "Walk of Remembrance and Gratitude" was held Thursday night to remember the victims-- in a city that is now preparing for more possible flooding.

Jonathan McComb returns to where he lost his family back in May as the community gathers to throw flowers and wreaths into the Blanco River. "Everybody is here. Not only for me and the family, but they're here for each other. That's what community is about, is supporting each other."

Many residents haven't even recovered from the last flood, so hearing flash flooding again, leaves them on edge.

"They'll be concerned, you know. Eleven inches fell up in Blanco and that's what caused this one. So if we get 15 inches, they'll be concerned," said Wimberley Resident Joe Harrison.

Wimberley city officials said as soon as they saw the forecast, they have been taking precautions. Don Ferguson, the city administrator, says they have been preparing. 

"We get out and stage our barricades at our low-water crossings, and we begin the process of monitoring weather conditions and stream flows so that we can act proactively."

Ferguson says residents need be alert and ready this weekend.

"They need to monitor stream conditions if they are near the water and they need to be prepared to move to higher ground if necessary."

McComb said the flooding back in May happened quickly.

"We didn't know that the river was coming, so be leery, be careful and be ready if need be."

There are still two people missing from the flood back in May.  McComb's daughter is one of them. He said he hasn't given up hope of finding her and the other missing boy, and he will be out there searching until they bring them home.