Wimberley High School seniors walk across the stage, despite a week full of turmoil

Amidst all the tragedy in Wimberley, seniors from Wimberley High School will receive their diplomas Friday night.

If you take a look at the Wimberley High class of 2015, you wouldn't know that they had a trying and tumultuous week.

"I was in the house until the floodwaters hit the door and then we were gone and we had to evacuate my grandfather," said Henry Wollam, class president.

Wollam's home was ravaged by the Memorial Day weekend floods. He says he doesn't know where he would be without the love and support from his classmates.

"We were able to get my family back on our feet and I'm very grateful to be here today," said Wollam.

Because of the aftermath of the floods, the district canceled classes all week except for Thursday, all to restore a bit of normalcy. Superintendent Dwain York says he was surprised by the students' volunteerism.

"We found all of our kids coming back to campus and trying to get lists, this person needs this group of people need this. I saw them with rakes, shovels, chainsaws full of mud," said York.

"We've probably put 200 hours in. I know I've worked probably ten hours a week or ten hours a day for the last week almost," said Wollam.

Those four years of hard work and strength to persevere after the storm, all led to this day.

"We don't want this tragedy to be the final identity of this class. What we do want though is the compassion and what they showed and the resiliency of them coming back and helping the community," said York.

This class of 168 is not letting adversity get the best of them, and they certainly will not let tragedy, define them.

"I know that in six months I will return here with all my friends and family to rejoice at Thanksgiving and Christmas and celebrate recovery," said York.