Wizard World Comic Con takes over Downtown Austin

Ashley Debassige is attending her very first Comic Con and is making sure she'll never forget it.

"I'm getting a tattoo of John Snow and Ghost from Game of Thrones."

Although Ashley is showing her love with ink, she is among thousands who's love has led them to the Capitol City. 

"Austin is one of our longest running shows at seven years so we've known for a while, and people here have proven, that this is a great market for pop culture and it's across all different areas of it. Not just science fiction and comics," Jerry Milani, Wizard World spokesman said.

"It's like being around a gigantic family sharing the same love for video games and comics and everything," Devin Lozano, who is attending his first Comic Con, said.

For Ellie and Bill Kuykendall, Comic Con is a father-daughter tradition.

"We go to as many of them as we can because she loves them. She is a big DC comic book fan." Bill said, "I got excited about it because she does. It's something that we get to share."

It's something Stephanie Jess can share with her family and new like-minded friends.

"It let's you hang loose. You get to have fun and let it out. It's kind of a different thing but to do this with all these different people, doing the same thing you are makes you feel at home and more comfortable," Stephanie said.

"We are around like minded people and it doesn't seem strange or out of place when you're here. Walking up to the building, yeah it's a little different, but I don't mind," Bill Jess, Stephanie's husband, said.

This year's event featured sci-fi legend William Shatner and Sebastian Stan, of the Captain America movie series.