Woman assaulted at Roy G. Guerrero Park

Police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in an East Austin park.

Austin police responded to Roy G. Guerrero Park around 10 Thursday morning for a report of an assault. 

A woman running on the trail told police a man followed her, tackled her then hit her in the head. 

"They did a very harmful act to another person that the other person has to live with for their whole life and for what? For taking a run? For being healthy and loving the outdoors and nature?" said Tiffany Reese who was at the park Monday.  

A witness who did not want to speak on camera wrote about the attack online. He said while walking his dog, he heard the victim screaming. By the time he found her, her face was bloody and she was terrified. 

He said the woman was tackled and hit in the face, but eventually she fought the attacker off and ran away.

The story was posted as a warning to those who frequent trails to take precautions. 

"My friends actually get mad at me all the time and one of them is trying to convince me to buy one of those little pepper spray things, but I still haven't gotten it," said Lucy McCoy who likes to run on hiking trails in Austin. 

"It never hurts to go get that whistle, even if it's a 99-cent whistle," Reese said. "Guess what? It might look dorky. It might save your life."

Reese left her whistle behind Monday, but she had a backup plan. 

"I have to defend myself no matter what, but does that make me scared to go do my life? No," said Reese. 

Police are still searching for the assault suspect, but in the meantime they are keeping a lookout at Roy G. Guerrero Park. 

The attacker is described as a black man in his late 20s with a medium build, about 5'9" to 5'10", wearing a blue T-shirt with dark cargo shorts, dark socks and shoes. 


Anyone with information about this crime can call in tips to the Austin Police Department.