Woman trapped in car for nearly 2 days after crashing into ravine in Jonestown

A woman was sent to the hospital after she was stranded in a ravine near Jonestown for nearly two days.

Jonestown police said she lost control and crashed off a turn along 1431 Friday morning at 2:30 a.m. "Through the investigation, we determined the female had been in the ditch or ravine for a couple of days," said officer Joseph Stephens.

The woman was heading to Cedar Park.

"What it appears to the investigation was she was traveling at a high rate of speed wasn’t able to navigate the curve. She was driving from the eastbound lanes into the westbound lanes and struck a guard rail went over and into the ditch," said Stephens.

For more than 40 hours she was trapped inside her car, away from the roadway. 

"She did lose consciousness after she went off into the ditch, how long she was unconscious we are not aware," said Stephens.

Eventually, the woman was able to free herself and crawl up to the road where someone called 911. Officer Stephens said they regularly patrol these areas, but this crash left no signs from the roadway. 

"This crash there was no evidence a car struck the guardrail because of the way it was hit. Typically we would find these things rather quickly as we patrol the area," Stephens said.

Jonestown police recommend if you are traveling, to tell someone where you are going and when you will arrive. 

"That way if something does happen and they don’t hear from you they know where you are heading from what time you left and what time you should have been home," Stephens said.