Woman dead following shooting at Pflugerville apartment complex

One person is dead following a shooting at a Pflugerville apartment. Police report it’s an active investigation.

A resident, who didn’t wish to be identified, he said he could hear the shots clearly. “It was four or five right back to back,” he said.

Police flooded the Sage at 1825 apartments Tuesday where they found a woman dead following a call of shots fired. “My balcony door was closed but I could still hear it. I could still hear it very well,” said the resident.


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At first the resident said he wasn’t too sure what was going on. “I didn’t think anything of it till I came out to the balcony saw some kids walking away from one of the apartment buildings,” he said.

He said the news of the shooting worries him as he knows a lot of families live here. “It is something that’s definitely concerning, there are kids walking around here all the time now that school's out so it’s definitely something to be concerned about. I’m a father myself so it’s definitely something that’s problematic,” said the resident.

For now he says he’ll be keeping an eye out on his own family while police investigate. Right now it’s not known what led to the shooting or just how many people were involved.


Anyone with any information on the shooting is urged to contact the police.