Woman Gives Birth to a Baby in an Uber

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Courtesy Shawn Inglima

An Uber driver in New York had most likely the strangest and probably the messiest customer he's ever had when a woman gave birth to a baby in his back seat.

According to an article in the New York Daily News, the 32 year old woman had been on her way to the hospital from Hoboken but around the time they reached the Lincoln Tunnel her baby girl decided it was time to make her entrance into the world.

According to a Port Authority spokesperson, the frantic driver waved down officers after stopping in the middle of the street near W. 40 St. and Dyer Ave. Medics were called and minutes later a healthy baby was delivered in the back seat of the Uber. Both mom and baby were later resting comfortably at Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospital.

No word on if the mother still had to pay for her Uber ride.