Woman jogging injured by charging cow that escaped nearby farm

Image of the escaped cow and a pig that were later secured by the owner. Image: Farmington Police Department

Wild animals such as mountain lions and alligators have been known to attack humans out and about in nature. But a Maine woman wasn’t expecting a loose farm animal to attack her while she was out for a jog last week. 

The 43-year-old called 911 after she had been charged by a cow. 

It happened Friday afternoon along a trail in Farmington, which is about 75 miles north of Portland. 

Farmington Police said the woman told them she was about to begin her run when she saw a cow coming towards her. 

She was lifted off the ground by the cow’s horns but was then able to escape into some nearby trees. 

The woman was OK except for a gash that needed stitches. 

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The bovine's owner was contacted and secured the animal, along with a pig that had escaped. 

The matter was forwarded to the district attorney for review.

This story was reported from Detroit.