Woman killed following North Austin domestic dispute

A young woman is dead after a domestic dispute and hostage situation in North Austin, near Pflugerville

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Amanda Lombard’s security cameras captured an argument outside her neighbor's home. The argument was so loud Austin police were called. 

"It stopped and it became very quiet. And you could hear cars leaving, multiple cars leaving, and it became quiet. So I thought it was over," Lombard said. 

However, the situation had worsened. By 9 p.m. Austin police determined the incident had become a "hostage situation." 

"There were canines. I heard drones, armored vehicles then showed up, and they proceeded to get prepared to enter the home. And that's when things really became more scary," Lombard said. 

Members of the SWAT team set up at Lombard and her neighbor’s home.

"[SWAT was] on their roofs, in their homes on the second floor with weapons drawn and aimed. And they were hunkered down in their bathrooms. So it was pretty traumatizing for the entire neighborhood," she explained.

Around 12:30 a.m., SWAT entered the home. Lombard described, "loud booms and flashes of light and yelling."

"It was just a very chaotic scene, and it looked like a war zone. It was very surreal and seemed like it was a movie," she added.

Austin police SPO Dimitri Hobbs said officers located one dead person, and another with life-threatening injuries. 

"It looks like it was confined to just the two people that were involved," said Hobbs.

Family members told FOX 7 Austin their daughter was killed in the incident.

"If people felt loved and supported, I think there'd be a lot less of this going on," said Lombard. 

If you or someone you know needs help, the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is 9-8-8. It can be reached by call or text. The National Domestic Hotline is 800-799-7233.