Woman reportedly tries to euthanize dogs with insulin, claims she didn’t have money for veterinarian

An Ohio woman faces charges after she tried to euthanize her two dogs with insulin, killing one of them, claiming she didn’t have money to pay for a veterinarian to do it, according to reports. 

Tisha Lynn, 44, of Navarre, Ohio, said her two dogs got into a fight with another dog in the trailer park where she lives, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. But due to the physical harm to the other dog, the manager of the park told Lynn that she would have to euthanize her dogs within 24 hours and requested photos as proof, the report said. 

Lynn said she didn’t have money to pay for the dogs to be euthanized, so she searched the internet for methods to euthanize them at home, the station reported. She then decided that the best course of action was to inject her dogs with insulin, the report said. Lynn was a diabetic and possessed insulin, according to WOIO-TV

Police were called to Village Clean Laundromat on Sept. 8, Fox 8 reported, citing police reports. The caller said a woman was “acting off” and talked about self-euthanizing her dogs, according to the report. 

When the officer arrived, he found Lynn in the laundromat “visibly upset, her eyes were red, her nose was running and she was crying," WOIO-TV reported, citing a police report. 

Lynn confessed she injected the dogs with 30 units Novolog 70/30 insulin, the police report said. The police report didn’t specify whether that amount was between the two dogs, or if that amount was given to each them, the station reported. 

Police said Lynn invited the officer to follow her home and check on the dogs, according to WOIO-TV. 

At that time, they appeared to be behaving normally, Fox 8 reported. The Stark County Humane Society was then called to pick up the dogs. 

But one of the dogs began to convulse after being secured in the humane society’s van, according to the station. 

Police said the humane society employee transported the dogs to an emergency veterinary clinic where the dog that was convulsing passed away, WOIO-TV reported. The other dog’s condition was not immediately known. 

Lynn was charged with two counts of prohibition concerning companion animals, which is a fifth-degree felony, police said, according to the station. 

She was booked into the Stark County Jail on Friday on $25,000 bond. 

Her arraignment is scheduled on Monday. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.