Woman who crawled to the Austin Marathon finish line thanks those who helped her

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People are still talking about one woman's finish of the Austin Marathon earlier this month.

She crawled across the finish line as her body started wearing out.

Tuesday, she came back to thank everyone for helping her.

The nurses who went to Hyvon's aid said they were taught to help those in trouble, so it was hard not to stay away from her.

But they knew through training, the runner had to give the okay or they would be disqualified.

"When we all saw Hyvon coming around the corner I don't think any of us recognized what was happening. I saw the Seton nurses going into action as they do with any runner, elite or back of the packer. They are the eyes and ears and have spotters out there, they knew something was happening," said Austin Marathon Race Director John Conley.

"When we got up at 5 o'clock that morning and put on our jeans and t-shirt, we certainly didn't expect to be on national tv, we might have made ourselves a little prettier, I don't know! Chris said to me, how did you run in front of the camera? I said, "I didn't see a camera, I saw someone on the ground that needed help," I mean that's our job," said Shirley Boardman, the Medical Director of Special Events at Seton.

Hyvon says she is feeling much better, and will be back next year for the Austin Marathon.