World Series a pricey experience, costs some up to nearly $10,000

Watching FOX 26 from the comfort of your home may be the best way to watch this year's World Series, but the electricity of experiencing the game in person can be hard to beat.

It's also pretty pricey.

For those who can't find cheap street parking or use the light-rail, parking lots near the ballpark will be expensive. Expect some locations to run $60, or more.

Those without season tickets could find it difficult to score a seat in the stadium. The Astros made a limited-number of single-seat tickets available.


Expect ticket brokers to pick up the slack with premium pricing. Just before Game 1, the best price for standing-room-only was running $433 a ticket, while the best seat in the house exceeded $10,000.

Since watching baseball can make a fan hungry and thirsty, Minute Maid Park is laying out a Texas-sized spread that includes with some gourmet fare that can set you back, quite a bit.

Fans who choose to go the simple route with a hotdog, draft-beer and a bag of crackerjacks can plan on spending about $18.

 Add some souvenirs, and a family of four could easily spend a couple of thousand dollars to see a World Series game while the memories of the Astros winning it all could be priceless.