85-year-old Austin man still has need for speed

Buster Miller has done a lot in his 85 years including driving stock cars and even meeting Richard Petty. But he’s still hoping to officially be known as, in his words, “The oldest guy to drive the fastest!”

"You know I walk like an old man," Miller says.

But Miller gets around quicker than you might think. Whether it’s in his pickup truck or NASCAR he feels right at home on the track.

"I want to see how fast I can go,” Miller says. "I drive fast.  I feel great. I really do and I watch races."

"He's always loved to go fast.  It don't matter.  If we're going someplace. He's breaking the speed limit," says Miller’s nephew David Billingsley.

Miller started racing stock cars back in 1948 and over the past couple of years has been behind the wheel of a NASCAR three different times at the Richard Petty Driving Experience where he got up to 136 miles per hour.

"I've been chasing that dream for years.  And I guess everybody thinks I'm a nut, but I just got something I want to do.  I gotta do,” Miller says. “And I still think if they let me drive the NASCAR.  Or any of them. The way I want to drive. I know I can get on that track and I could at least run 150, maybe 160 miles per hour. I still got a little lead left in that foot," Miller adds.

Now while one of Buster's goals is to drive a NASCAR even faster than he already has.  He's also determined to do one more thing.  And that's to put on a benefit for veterans and those battling cancer.

Miller says, "My youngest daughter she died with a brain tumor. And now my granddaughter she's got cancer.  I have three sisters, two half-sisters and my older sister.  They died with cancer. And I figured it was time for me to try to maybe do a benefit."

"This is something I had to do. And I still want to do it. And my wife might divorce me if she finds out I'm gonna go to Daytona. And if they'll let me set a record. I will. I'll put a show on for you down there in that old NASCAR," Miller says.