Austin High's softball team making program history

Austin High's softball team is making program history and is just one win away from state. It's all thanks to hard work and perhaps a little superstition.

The team recently completed a first this season. It got past the regional quarterfinals in the playoffs.

Sophomore first baseman Jayda LaFluer says, "That third round game was something crazy.  Some of us cried when we won that third round."

Those tears of joy turned into even more happiness as the Lady maroon are now just one win away from advancing to the state's final four.

"We're obviously a little nervous.  Because we're going to the fifth round.  But we all just want to keep doing the same thing we're doing now," LaFleur says.

While the Lady Maroons are enjoying their historic run and putting up a school record 29 wins they feel that a lot of thing have helped them along the way including some superstitions.

"I get french braids every week before we play. We eat the same food. We sit in the same spots. We wear the same thing everyday. Can't change it up," LaFleur says.

Senior pitcher Danielle Serna says, "I always have to have my mouth guard. That's what I kind of know. I always keep it on my pant leg, and every time I just always have to have it."

Whether or not you believe in the superstitions or not, head coach Kristen Lozano says it's been amazing to watch the team and be a part of its success and fun.

"This is the most impactful season I think we've ever had here at Austin High.  So, they're re-writing their own history books for generations to come," Lozano says.