Former Longhorn standout to coach flag football team at NFL Pro Bowl tournament

A former Longhorn standout will be coaching a flag football team at this weekend's NFL Pro Bowl festivities.

Former NFL and Longhorn running back Fozzy Whittaker has played on the sports biggest state in college and in the pros. 

Now that he's retired from the game, he gets to focus more on what he feels like he was called to do.

"Being able to be out here with the kiddos man. That's really my true passion. My heart and my soul, my pride, my joy," said Fozzy Whittaker, former NFL and UT running back.

He says it's a joy to get to experience this with his 9-year-old son Frost.

As one of his coaches for the Neighborhood Sports Elite Vipers NFL flag football team in Cedar Park.

"He helps me a lot. And it's really cool. Because he's a former NFL player. So he knows a lot. He knows about the technique, and he helps all the players out here," said Frost Whittaker, Fozzy's son.

"My father passing away whenever I was at a young age. I was three-years-old. Don't have all the fond or vivid memories of a father always supporting me at a sporting event, or coaching me. But me being able to be there for my son in this moment. It means a ton to me," said Fozzy.

"It's something special that he's able to coach his son and all the other kids. You know to be out here. He's always around. He's always willing to help all the kids," said Jason Brosie, NS Elite Vipers Coach.

Now, Fozzy's not the only Longhorn who has a son out here playing for the NS Elite Vipers. Former Texas tight end D.J. Grant's son E.J. is also out here as well. And he was part of last year's 8U team that won the NFL flag championships at the Pro Bowl.

"I learned how to run routes from my dad.  Then from these coaches.  I learned how to play safety," said E.J. Whitley, NS Elite Vipers receiver and defensive back.

"He's great man. He's one of my favorite wide receivers. He runs his routes good. He has good hands man. He is great," said Brosie Denton, NS Elite Vipers quarterback.

"A lot of times I can be dead tired on the couch after coming home. And Frost be like ‘hey dad I just want to throw the football around.’ And man I'll get up and throw the football around. Because I know how important that is. And the opportunities I didn't have. I want to be able to give to my son," said Fozzy.

Fozzy's squad plays Feb. 3-4 in the Las Vegas area.