FOX 7 Friday Football Rankings



1.LAKE TRAVIS (9-1, defeated Vandegrift 55-0)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (10-0, defeated Westwood 49-6)

3.WESTLAKE (8-2, defeated Vista Ridge 54-0)

4.BOWIE (9-1, defeated San Marcos 59-7)

5.ROUND ROCK (7-3, defeated McNeil 56-20)


1.CEDAR PARK (10, defeated Elgin 55-0)

2.LBJ (9-1, defeated Crockett 56-0)

3.DRIPPING SPRINGS (9-1, defeated Marble Falls 41-10)

4.GEORGETOWN (8-2, defeated Connally 37-28)

5.CONNALLY (8-2, lost to Georgetown 37-28)


1.GIDDINGS (8-2, defeated Columbus 56-19)

2.WIMBERLEY (8-2, defeated Hondo 49-17)

3.LIBERTY HILL (7-3, defeated Gatesville 30-15)

4.TAYLOR (7-3, defeated NB Canyon Lake 50-44)

5.BURNET (7-3, lost to Waco La Vega 63-23)


1.ROCKDALE (9-1, defeated Jarrell 45-7)

2.LEXINGTON (8-2, defeated Florence 60-8)

3.LAGO VISTA (8-2, lost to Luling 36-34)

4.LULING (4-6, defeated Lago Vista 36-34)

5.FLORENCE (5-5, lost to Lexington 60-8)


1.MASON (8-2, defeated Sabinal 48-0)

2.GRANGER (8-2, defeated Snook 46-14)

3.THRALL (9-1, defeated Thorndale 39-20)

4.REGENTS (10-0, defeated Hyde Park 50-0)

5.HARPER (8-2, lost to Junction 28-16)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (8-1, defeated VIsta Ridge 61-7)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (9-0, idle)

3.WESTLAKE (7-2, defeated Leander 41-0)

4.BOWIE (8-1, defeated Akins 59-14)

5.ROUND ROCK (6-3, defeated Hendrickson 51-15)


1.CEDAR PARK (9-0, defeated Hutto 44-14)

2.LBJ (8-1, defeated Travis 63-0)

3.CONNALLY (8-1, defeated Cedar Creek 62-6)

4.DRIPPING SPRINGS (8-1, defeated Medina Valley 38-7)

5.GEORGETOWN (7-2, idle)


1.GIDDINGS (7-2, defeated La Grange 45-13)

2.WIMBERLEY (7-2, idle)

3.LIBERTY HILL (5-3, lost to China Spring 42-10)

3.WIMBERLEY (6-2, lost to Geronimo Navarro 35-14)

4.BURNET (7-2, defeated Lampasas 42-6)

5.TAYLOR (6-3, defeated Fredericksburg 48-27)


1.ROCKDALE (8-1, defeated Franklin 27-21)

2.LAGO VISTA (8-1, defeated Marion 40-26)

3.LEXINGTON (7-2, defeated Johnson City 62-0)

4.FLORENCE (5-4, defeated Rogers 14-13)

5.LULING (3-6, defeated Ingram Moore 14-7)


1.MASON (7-2, defeated Junction 31-0)

2.GRANGER (7-2, lost to Burton 63-19)

3.THRALL (9-1, defeated Moody 47-33)

4.HARPER (8-1, defeated Brackett 47-14)

5.REGENTS (9-0, defeated SA Christian 41-14)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (7-1, defeated Leander 63-0)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (9-0, defeated Pflugerville 38-21)

3.WESTLAKE (6-2, defeated Lehman 45-6)

4.BOWIE (7-1, defeated Anderson 49-21)

5.ROUND ROCK (5-3, defeated Westwood 65-6)


1.CEDAR PARK (8-0, defeated Connally 49-0)

2.LBJ (6-0, defeated Austin High 57-12)

3.CONNALLY (7-1, lost to Cedar Park 49-0)

4.DRIPPING SPRINGS (7-1, defeated SA Alamo Heights 64-54)

5.GEORGETOWN (7-2, defeated Cedar Creek 47-3)


1.GIDDINGS (7-1, defeated Gonzales 49-21)

2.LIBERTY HILL (5-2, defeated Burnet 44-23)

3.WIMBERLEY (6-2, lost to Geronimo Navarro 35-14)

4.BURNET (6-2, lost to Liberty Hill 44-23)

5.TAYLOR (5-3, defeated Boerne 15-7)


1.ROCKDALE (7-1, defeated McGregor 41-34)

2.LAGO VISTA (7-1, defeated UC Randolph 35-3)

3.LEXINGTON (6-2, defeated Rogers 67-14)

4.FLORENCE (4-4, defeated Comfort 29-14)

5.BLANCO (3-5, defeated Johnson City 12-0)


1.GRANGER (7-0, defeated Bartlett 38-8)

2.MASON (6-2, defeated Brackett 56-0)

3.THRALL (8-1, defeated Rosebud-Lott 63-21)

4.HARPER (7-1, idle)

5.REGENTS (8-0, defeated St. Mary's Hall 56-0)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (6-1, defeated Lehman 68-0)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (8-0, defeated Round Rock 51-43)

3.WESTLAKE (5-2, idle)

4.BOWIE (6-1, defeated Manor 37-21)

5.ROUND ROCK (4-3, lost to Cedar Ridge 51-43)


1.CEDAR PARK (7-0, defeated Georgetown 41-20)

2.CONNALLY (7-0, defeated Rouse 20-19)

3.LBJ (5-1, idle)

4.DRIPPING SPRINGS (6-1, lost to Boerne Champion 45-40)

5.GEORGETOWN (6-2, lost to Cedar Park 41-20)


1.GIDDINGS (6-1, defeated Caldwell 42-14))

2.LIBERTY HILL (4-2, defeated Lampasas 27-16)

3.WIMBERLEY (6-1, defeated Llano 35-16)

4.BURNET (6-1, defeated Gatesville 38-35)



1.ROCKDALE (6-1, defeated Cameron Yoe 80-54)

2.LAGO VISTA (6-1, defeated Ingram Moore 54-27)

3.LEXINGTON (5-2, defeated Comfort 70-14)

4.FLORENCE (3-4, lost to Blanco 21-18)

5.JOHNSON CITY (3-3, lost to Rogers 36-12)


1.GRANGER (6-0, defeated Milano 46-25)

2.MASON (6-2, defeated Harper 49-7)

3.THRALL (7-1, lost to Normangee 40-13)

4.HARPER (7-1, lost to Mason 49-7)

5.REGENTS (7-0, defeated SA Holy Cross 31-20)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (4-1, idle)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (6-0, defeated McNeil 52-7)

3.WESTLAKE (5-1, defeated Hays 44-14)

4.BOWIE (4-1, idle)

5.WESTWOOD (4-1, defeated Hendrickson 35-34)


1.CEDAR PARK (5-0, idle)

2.GEORGETOWN (6-0, defeated East View 56-29)

3.DRIPPING SPRINGS (5-0, idle)

4.LBJ (5-1, defeated Laneir 50-0)

5.CONNALLY (5-0, defeated Bastrop 42-21)


1.LIBERTY HILL (3-1, idle)

2.GIDDINGS (4-1, idle)

3.WIMBERLEY (4-1, defeated Boerne 17-14)

4.BURNET (5-0, idle)

5.FREDERICKSBURG (3-3, defeated Hondo 33-24)


1.ROCKDALE (4-1, defeated LR-Academy 56-13)

2.LAGO VISTA (4-1, idle)

3.LEXINGTON (3-2, idle)

4.JOHNSON CITY (3-2, idle)

5.BLANCO (2-3, idle)


1.GRANGER (4-0, idle)

2.THRALL (5-0, defeated St. Dominic Savio 41-0)

3.HARPER (6-0, defeated La Pryor 48-22)

4.BARTLETT (4-1, idle)

5.MASON (4-2, defeated Ballinger 62-14)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (4-1, defeated Hays 50-14)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (5-0, defeated Hendrickson 42-17)

3.WESTLAKE (4-1, defeated Vandegrift 17-10)

4.BOWIE (4-1, defeated Abilene Cooper 24-21)

5.WESTWOOD (3-1, idle)


1.CEDAR PARK (5-0, defeated Rouse 31-0)

2.GEORGETOWN (5-0, defeated Bastrop 41-25)

3.DRIPPING SPRINGS (5-0, Seguin 56-28)

4.LBJ (4-1, defeated McCallum 14-3)

5.CONNALLY (4-0, defeated Elgin 28-14)


1.LIBERTY HILL (3-1, defeated 6A Anderson 41-18)

2.GIDDINGS (4-1, lost to Brownwood 36-35)

3.WIMBERLEY (4-1, defeated Fredericksburg 24-19)

4.BURNET (5-0, defeated Llano 32-6)

5.TAYLOR (3-2, defeated La Grange 39-30)


1.ROCKDALE (3-1, defeated Rogers 48-9)

2.LAGO VISTA (4-1, defeated Smithville 38-17)

3.LEXINGTON (3-2, defeated Weimar 60-26)

4.JOHNSON CITY (3-2, defeated Ingram Moore 28-24)

5.BLANCO (2-3, lost to SA Antonian 23-17)


1.GRANGER (4-0, defeated Wortham 43-20)

2.THRALL (4-0, defeated Flatonia 27-14)

3.HARPER (5-0, defeated D'Hanis 21-14)

4.BARTLETT (4-1, defeated Texas Wind 41-14)

5.MASON (3-2, defeated Hawley 62-27)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (3-1, defeated Hendrickson 50-7)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (4-0, defeated 5A Temple 28-14)

3.WESTLAKE (3-1, defeated Bowie 35-21)

4.BOWIE (3-1, lost to Westlake 35-21)

5.WESTWOOD (3-1, defeated Vista Ridge 34-0)


1.CEDAR PARK (4-0, defeated East View 35-20)

2.GEORGETOWN (4-0, defeated Elgin 62-20)

3.DRIPPING SPRINGS (4-0, Kerrville Tivy 26-7)

4.ROUSE (2-1, Idle)

5.LBJ (3-1, defeated 6A Manor 23-7)


1.GIDDINGS (4-0, defeated Yoakum 44-33)

2.LIBERTY HILL (2-1, lost to 5A PL Calhoun 26-12)

3.WIMBERLEY (3-1, defeated Fischer Canyon Lake 31-21)

4.BURNET (4-0, defeated 5A Crockett 43-18)

5.FREDERICKSBURG (2-2, defeated Lytle 48-20)


1.ROCKDALE (2-1, Idle)

2.LAGO VISTA (3-1, defeated 4A Llano 41-13)

3.BLANCO (2-2, defeated UC Randolph 14-7)

4.FLORENCE (2-1, lost to 4A Salado 38-8)

5.LEXINGTON (2-2, defeated Jarrell 76-7)


1.GRANGER (3-0, defeated Hubbard 35-31)

2.THRALL (3-0, defeated TAPPS CC John Paul II 29-14)

3.HARPER (4-0, defeated Center Point 41-24)

4.BARTLETT (3-1, defeated Holland 56-0)

5.MASON (2-2, lost to Iraan 24-21)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (2-1, defeated Dallas Jesuit 42-10)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (3-0, defeated Killeen Shoemaker 44-7)

3.WESTLAKE (2-1, defeated Pflugerville 35-0)

4.BOWIE (3-0, defeated Vista Ridge 35-21)

5.ROUND ROCK (2-1, defeated Smithson Valley 20-14)


1.CEDAR PARK (3-0, defeated Bastrop 30-0)

2.GEORGETOWN (3-0, defeated Hutto 35-32 in OT)

3.DRIPPING SPRINGS (3-0, defeated 6A Hays 33-26)

4.ROUSE (2-1, defeated East View 65-40)

5.HUTTO (2-1, lost to Georgetown 35-32 in OT)


1.LIBERTY HILL (2-0, defeated Brownwood 30-29 in OT)

2.GIDDINGS (3-0, defeated Fischer Canyon Lake 34-21)

3.WIMBERLEY (2-1, defeated Lampasas 31-7)

4.LA GRANGE (1-1, defeated La Vernia 16-0)

5.BURNET (3-0, defeated Fredericksburg 47-21)


1.ROCKDALE (2-1, defeated Lexington 62-35)

2.FLORENCE (2-0, defeated Jarrell 34-27)

3.JOHNSON CITY (2-1, defeated 2A San Saba 41-23)

4.BLANCO (1-2, lost to 4A Pearsall 27-18)

5.LAGO VISTA (2-1, lost to Wall 62-14)


1.GRANGER (2-0, defeated Holland 30-24 in OT)

2.THRALL (2-0, idle)

3.MASON (2-1, defeated 3A Comfort 34-14)

4.HARPER (3-0, defeated Eldorado 41-0)

5.BARTLETT (2-1, defeated Temple Central Texas 30-14)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (1-1, defeated Cibolo Steele 59-56 in OT)
2.CEDAR RIDGE (2-0, defeated Hewitt Midway 52-3)

3.WESTLAKE (1-1, lost to Henderson (NV) Liberty 21-14)

4.BOWIE (2-0, defeated 5A LBJ 28-16)

5.ROUND ROCK (1-1, lost to 5A Temple 39-25)


1.CEDAR PARK (2-0, defeated 6A Vandegrift 13-0)

2.GEORGETOWN (2-0, defeated 6A Hays 40-17)

3.HUTTO (2-0, defeated Bryan Rudder 41-0)

4.ROUSE (1-1, lost to 6A Westwood 52-38)

5.DRIPPING SPRINGS (2-0, defeated 6A Vista Ridge 45-7)


1.LIBERTY HILL (1-0, defeated La Vernia 30-0))

2.GIDDINGS (2-0, defeated Wimberley 24-13)

3.WIMBERLEY (1-1, lost to Giddnigs 24-13)

4.LA GRANGE (0-1, lost to Argyle 14-8)

5.BURNET (2-0, defeated 5A Marble Falls 33-12)


1.ROCKDALE (1-1, lost to 4A Taylor 37-28)

2.FLORENCE (2-0, defeated Jarrell 34-27)

3.LAGO VISTA (2-0, defeated Brady 42-32)

4.BLANCO (1-1, lost to SA Holy Cross 47-6)

5.JOHNSON CITY (1-1, lost to 2A Mason 33-14)


1.GRANGER (2-0, defeated Holland 30-24 in OT)

2.THRALL (2-0, defeated Milano 27-0)

3.MASON (1-1, defeated 3A Johnson City 33-14)

4.FLATONIA (1-1, defeated Hallettsville Sacred Heart 33-12)

5.HARPER (2-0, defeated San Saba 28-6)



1.WESTLAKE (1-0, defeated Katy 32-29)
2.LAKE TRAVIS (0-1, lost to Converse Judson 35-28)

3.CEDAR RIDGE (1-0, defeated NB Canyon 35-0)

4.ROUND ROCK (1-0, defeated Schertz Clemens 41-35)

5.VISTA RIDGE (1-0, defeated CC Flour Bluff 32-7)


1.CEDAR PARK (1-0, defeated Class 6A Hewitt Midway 43-13)

2.GEORGETOWN (1-0, defeated FW Brewer 49-28)

3.ROUSE (1-0, defeated 6A Manor 44-21)

4.LBJ (1-0, defeated Waco University 46-7)

5.HUTTO (1-0, defeated Bryan 59-28)


1.LA GRANGE (0-0, game vs. Liberty Hill cancelled, lightning)

2.WIMBERLEY (1-0, defeated La Vernia 33-7)

3.LIBERTY HILL (0-0, game vs La Grange cancelled, lightning)

4.GIDDINGS (0-1, lost to Geronimo Navarro 37-21)

5.LLANO (1-0, defeated Smithville 31-15)


1.ROCKDALE (1-0, defeated West 33-21)

2.BLANCO (1-0, defeated Class 4A Fischer Canyon Lake 40-7)

3.JOHNSON CITY (1-0, defeated Jarrell 42-7)

4.LULING (0-1, lost to Edna 34-25)

5.FLORENCE (1-0, defeated Rosebud-Lott 22-20)


1.GRANGER (1-0, defeated Chilton 35-26)

2.THRALL (1-0, defeated Riesel 42-20)

3.MASON (0-1, lost to Goldthwaite 20-13)

4.FLATONIA (0-1, lost to Class 3A Tidehaven 22-6)

5.HARPER (1-0, defeated TLC Academy 48-0)



1.LAKE TRAVIS (2015: 15-1, 6A DII State Finalist)
-The Cavaliers are more-than-equipped to get back to the state title game and, this time, win their 1st state title as a Class 6A school. Fifteen starters return for coach Hank Carter including QB Charlie Brewer.

2.WESTLAKE (2015: 14-2, 6A DI State Finalist)
-The eyes of west Austin, and Texas, will be on the Chaps who will be lead by UT commit and pre-season all-everything quarterback Sam Ehlinger. Westlake returns 12 starters off of a team that made it to the 6A Division I State Championship Game in 2015. They'll be tested right away when they open the season at home against 2015 6A Division II State Champion Katy.

3.CEDAR RIDGE (2015: 10-2, Lost in 2nd round of 6A DI playoffs)
-New coach Shawn Bell inherits an experienced team. The Raiders return 13 starters from a team that won 10 games in 2015.

4.VANDEGRIFT (2015: 11-3, Lost in 5A DI Regional Final)
-After recent succesful seasons in Class 5A, coach Drew Sanders and the Vipers begin life as a 6A school in a district with Lake Travis and Westlake. Fourteen returning starters from last year's 11-win team will help, but they must replace all-state running back Travis Brannan.

5.ROUND ROCK (2015: 8-3, Lost in 1st round of 6A DI playoffs)
-With only four offensive starters returning from last year, the Dragons may depend on their defense to contend for the district title with pre-season front-runner Cedar Ridge.


1.CEDAR PARK (2015: 16-0, 5A DII State Champion)
-What a first year it was for new Cedar Park head coach Carl Abseck. He and the Timberwolves were perfect in 2015, going 16-0 on their way to the school's 2nd state title. Two key pieces in the T'Wolves attempt to win back-to-back titles will be quarterback Mac Sexton (29 TD's in 2015) and RB Tyler Lavine (1290 yards rushing in '15).

2.GEORGETOWN (2015: 8-4, Lost in 2nd round of 5A DII playoffs)
-The consensus is that everyone is playing for second place in District 19-5A behind district newcomer Cedar Park, the defending 5A DII state champs. Georgetown looks to be the best of the rest heading into 2016. The Eagles look to 10 returning starters to get beyond the second round of the playoffs, where they were eliminated in 2015.

3.LBJ (2015: 8-3, Lost in 1st round of 5A DI playoffs)
-The Jaguars went 7-0 in district last season on its way to a league title, but they'll have to deal with former 6A team Austin High in order to win another district championship this year. Fourteen returning starters from last year's team will help.

4.ROUSE (2015: 2-8, Did not make post-season)
-The Raiders had a season to forget in 2015, winning only two games. This season has a much brighter outlook for a couple of reasons: 1)Rouse is moving from Class 6A down to Class 5A, 2)The Raiders return 15 starters from last year, more than anyone else in District 19-5A. The Class 6A depth that Rouse will boast in their new Class 5A district might make them a darkhorse in a league that includes Cedar Park.

5.AUSTIN HIGH (2015: 7-4, Lost in 1st round of 6A DII playoffs)
-Coach Mike Rosenthal's Maroons move down from Class 6A to Class 5A this season, and a squad that won 7 games and made the playoffs in 2015 will look to contend with LBJ for a district title. One drawback? The Maroons will have a lot of new faces, returning only eight starters from last year's team, including three on offense.


1.LA GRANGE (2015: 7-4, Lost in 1st round of 4A DII playoffs)
-The Leopards sport perhaps the best player in all of Texas: running back J.K. Dobbins. The Ohio State commit rushed for an astounding 2,740 yards and 35 touchdowns in 2015. Sure, La Grange returns 13 other starters from last year, but Dobbins will be the focal point in the Leps' quest to make a deep playoff run after a disappointing first-round exit from the post-season in 2015. 

2.GIDDINGS (2015: 12-1, Lost in 2nd round of 4A DII playoffs)
-Most of the attention in district play might have gone to J.K. Dobbins and La Grange in 2015, but the Leps may have traded the attention for the season Giddings had. The Buffs went under the radar to win their 1st 12 games and a district title. Giddings will depend on returning starters on defense to corral Dobbins and the rest of District 10-4A DII in order to repeat as district champions. 

3.LIBERTY HILL (2015: 10-3, 4A DI Region Semi-Finalist)
-The Panthers had their usual solid season in 2015 and should compete for a district title that eluded them a year ago. Their main hurdle in district play will be defending 4A DI State Champion Waco La Vega.

4.WIMBERLEY (2015: 5-8, 4A DII Region Semi-Finalist)
-Talk about finishing the season hot. The Texans lost eight games in 2015, but got hot enough at the end of the season to go 3-1 in district play and make it all the way to the region semi-finals in the playoffs. Getting off to a faster start this season should happen with 16 returning starters, the most in District 13-4A DII. Biggest game of the year is on October 21st, when the Texans play at district favorite Geronimo Navarro.

5.TAYLOR (2015: 4-7, Lost in 1st round of 4A DI playoffs)
-Could the Ducks win a district title this season? Nine returning starters on defense says the will. The biggest hurdle between the Ducks and a district title in 2016 could be Boerne, who Taylor beat last season.


1.ROCKDALE (2015: 9-3, Lost in 2nd round of 3A DI playoffs)
-With 15 starters returning from last year's 9-win team, the Tigers have their sights set on a district title. It may happen if they can get past, guess who, arch-rival and 2015 state finalist Cameron Yoe.

2.BLANCO (2015: 12-1, 3A DII Region Semi-Finalist)
-Blanco only has five returning starters from last year's 12-1 campaign, but the Panthers should still be in line for a district title and another deep run in the post-season in '16. Lexington could be the Panthers biggest challenger.

3.LULING (2015: 5-6, Lost in 2nd round of 3A DI playoffs)
-New faces will lead the Eagles quest for a district title this season as only six starters return from 2015's team.

4.LEXINGTON (2015: 5-6, Lost in 1st round of 3A DII playoffs)
-The Eagles are looking to return to the prominence they enjoyed last decade. Fourteen returning starters, incuding linebacker Chase Allert (son of former Texas standout Ty Allert), will lead the way in competing for a district title with heavyweights Rogers and Johnson City.

5.JOHNSON CITY (2015: 8-3, Lost in 1st round of 2A DII playoffs)
-Johnson City makes the move from Class 2A to 3A in 2016, but should be able to compete with Lexington and Blanco for a district title with 14 returning starters from last year's eight-win team.


1.MASON (2015: 11-1, lost in 2nd round of 2A DI area playoffs)
-Not often that Mason isn't playing football in December, but that was the case last season when the Punchers suffered an unchracteristic 2nd round loss in the playoffs. As usual, Mason is picked to win its district this year. Eleven returning starters lead by running back Haddon Hudson (18 rushing TDs in 2015) will be looked to for another district title, not to mention getting the program back to playoff games in December.

2.FLATONIA (2015: 7-6, 2A DI Region Semi-Finalist)
-Last season, the Bulldogs had the deepest playoff run of any of this year's teams in our pre-season "2A/Others" rankings, making it to the region semi-finals before losing. 2016 should be another solid year, with 13 starters returning.

3.GRANGER (2015: 5-6, lost in 1st round of 2A DII playoffs)
-Granger got back to the way things used to be in 2015 by making the post-season. Now, the Lions are poised to eclipse last year's win total of five and to make a deeper run in the post-season, with 13 returning starters including three-year starting QB Wyatt Messex.

4.THRALL (2015: 7-4, Lost in 1st round of 2A DI playoffs)
-Some think the Tigers will be on the outside looking in come post-season time in 2016. Hard to see that happening with 13 returning starters, including QB Nick Salazar, from last season's seven-win team.

5.HARPER (2015: 3-8, Lost in 1st round of 2A DI playoffs)
-The Longhorns won only three games in 2015, but were a playoff team. Winning district in 2016 may be a stretch with state-power Mason in the same league, but exceeding last year's win total and another playoff appearance should be expected with 14 returning starters.