Rangers to play final games at Globe Life Park this week

Fans and players will say goodbye to Globe Life Park this week.

The final two series at the ballpark start Tuesday night with the Rangers taking on the Red Sox and then the Yankees on Sunday.

Hall of Fame broadcaster Eric Nadel has been with the team since 1979 and was behind the mic 25 years ago when they opened the ballpark.

He told the Free 4 All team what he will miss the most.

“The feature that I think I love the most that I will miss the most is that home run porch, the double deck (right) which was patterned after Tiger Stadium which happens to be my favorite ballpark of all time. And it's not so much now because there's so many runs hit and guys are so strong but when this ballpark opened in 1994 it was a big deal when someone hit a homerun into the ball porch,” Nadel said.

Globe Life Field is still under construction. Nadel said he’s been inside twice.

He thinks fans will like that it’s going to feel like an arena and be cozy, intimate and intense.