Red, white and blue twist at F1 race in Austin

It's the 5th annual Formula 1 race in Austin and this year it'll be packing a red, white and blue twist thanks to the first U.S. owned F1 team in 30 years.

Haas Racing, known for its NASCAR success, is now in the F1 game as the first U.S. owned team since 1986.

The team's drivers, Esteban Guitierrez and Romain Gorsjean, are both excited about the potential but understand winning Formula One doesn't happen overnight.

Grosjean says, "We've done much more than expectations and we're doing well. It's been a great season and coming to the U.S., of course, the extra pride of driving for the American Team and hopefully we can do something good on Sunday."

"I think it's great to be racing in America and we're very much looking forward to the race and hopefully everything goes well, but again, we have to take step by step and move on from the beginning to the race," Grosjean adds.

Practice for the race is today with qualifying on Saturday and the big race on Sunday at 2 p.m. But for some it's not the racers they'll be going to Circuit of the Americas but the music which will feature performances from Taylor Swift on Saturday and Usher and The Roots on Sunday.

Regardless of whether it's for the racing or the music, two time defending U.S Grand Prix champ Lewis Hamilton says Austin is a great place for the event.

"Every year since 2012, we've been coming here. We've had a crazy turnout. Who would have known we would of had so much support for Formula 1 here," Hamilton says.