TCU quarterback penalized for religious gesture during game

A religious gesture made by Texas Christian University’s quarterback during a weekend game got him penalized.

The gesture was a sign language move that Kenny Hill has used to celebrate on the sidelines many times before.

During Saturday's game against Arkansas, a referee threw a flag after Hill's made the gesture because he thought it was a throat slash gesture.

Coach Gary Patterson says it was no secret how Hill celebrates on the field. And it's wasn't a question until a referee misinterpreted the religious sign language he used.

"It's sign language for honoring the Kings,” the coach explained.

Coach Patterson says the gesture is part of Hill's religious beliefs and was a gesture for “Rising King".

Regardless, Hill drew a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, and TCU lost the game in double overtime.

"Andy Dalton used to do this. He did that,” said Patterson. “If you're going to call it, you probably should have been consistent.”

It wasn't hard to find examples of Hill making the gesture before. He made the same gesture twice at the September 3 game against South Dakota State. He didn't draw a flag, and it didn't look like a throat slash.

Patterson says one end zone call against Hill didn't lose them the game but is his star quarterback to play it safe.

“I've talked to Kenny. He understands just give it to the referee,” the coach said. “I'm not one to stop somebody from anything like that. I understand honor and the man upstairs."

Coach Patterson says TCU has its first big 12-conference game against Iowa State this Saturday, and that's where all the team's attention is now.