Texas head football coach Steve Sarkisian talks about Arkansas game

"Their ' Arkansas' hate, as you refer to it for the University of Texas, isn't going to make us play any better or make us play any harder, right, or make us prepare any better, like we need to control what we can control and we need to focus on what we need to focus on," says University of Texas Longhorns head football coach Steve Sarkisian.

Sarkisian said he doesn't want his players trying to rise to the emotion of the stadium in the Longhorns game in Fayetteville. He's hoping for a more even-keeled approach after what he calls another quality week of work on the practice field.

Backup quarterback Casey Thompson could once again get into the game at some point. The junior looked sharp in limited time in the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

As for starting quarterback Hudson Card? Card should be taking some game-earned confidence into career start number two.

"I don't think that he's walking around like he's big man on campus, that's just not in his demeanor, but I'm sure internally, that had to feel pretty good for him," Sarkisian says.

"To go out and perform and play and not turn the ball over, be efficient on third down, being efficient in the red zone, extending some plays with his legs, having the touchdown run, all those things I'm sure built confidence, but hopefully it also instilled in him, 'man, my preparation paid off," Sarkisian adds.

Sarkisian also says offensive lineman Junior Angilau is good to go against Arkansas.

Sophomore defensive lineman Alfred Colllins from Cedar Creek should also get some playing time after not playing in the opener.


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