USA Football safety program visits Round Rock HS

USA Football's Heads Up Football program made a visit to Round Rock High School to help spread the word on safety to local coaches.

Anthony Wood says, "We know that football has come under tough scrutiny lately and so we're going to be proactive rather than reactive.  It's a good thing that we believe that kids should be involved in, so we're going to take every precaution necessary to make this game as safe as possible."

The sixth year program addresses key safety issues. The most fundamental lesson/reminder is to keep that head up when tackling.

"It's teaching the game in a better, safer way and a proper way to coach and educate the players, the coaches and even the parents on what to look for when it comes to tackling right. Which technique are you using, what verbage are we giving these kids to learn how to tackle the better and safer way," Willie Pile says.