Breezy, warm, and humid day expected, storms possible this weekend

The Gulf breeze is back! In the wake of a warm front, it will be much warmer, humid, and breezy today. 

FOX 7 Austin meteorologist Zack Shields says wind gusts of 20 and 30 mph are likely in the next few days. 

The air won't feel as comfortable with the extra moisture in place and highs and lows will be warmer than average. After the sun breaks out highs will rebound into the mid to upper 80s. There is a very good chance the warm and muggy spell will roll into the weekend. 

The tricky part about the forecast will be the storm chances. The FOX 7 Austin Weather Team is tracking a series of Pacific lows that could help energize the atmosphere and open the door for rain and storms Saturday night and Sunday night.

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