Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg correctly guessed who was under the Kangaroo mask on 'The Masked Singer'

Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg thought it was Jordyn Woods donning the Kangaroo getup in FOX’s hit show “The Masked Singer.”

When the mask came off Wednesday night, the two locked eyes, and Woods smiled and said, “You’re good.” 

“Jenny is good. I was shook. You guys are really off every week,” Woods teased the panel, “but this time, you got it.”

Only four of the remaining eight contestants performed this week, each of them competing directly with another singer.

The Kangaroo, who was paired with Night Angel, sang “No Air” by Jordin Sparks. But her performance was no match for Night Angel’s rendition of Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”

That dropped Kangaroo into the Smack-down round where she competed against Astronaut.

Kangaroo tried to stay alive with Donna Summers’ “Hot Stuff,” but NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” propelled the Astronaut to the Battle of the Sixes, eliminating Woods.

Woods, a model and entrepreneur, told the panel she had never sung on stage before signing up for the show. When it was all over, guest panelist Yvette Nicole Brown told her this show revealed a talent Woods may not have realized she had.

“Your voice is amazing,” Brown said. “And I hope that you use this experience to springboard yourself to whatever the next thing is.”

Brown guessed the Kangaroo was celebrity chef Ayesha Curry. Ken Jeong thought it could be Cat Deeley,

Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger said it would be La La Anthony.

This station is owned by the FOX Corporation. This story was reported from Atlanta.