Four Tops founding member previews Motown exhibit

Duke Fakir, founding member of the Four Tops, took some time to walk through the LBJ Presidential Library's new exhibit on the history of Motown to reminiscence and see some relics from the past.

Fakir is the only surviving member of the vocal group, which was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. They're best known for some of Motown's most memorable singles "I Can't Help Myself," "It's the Same Old Song," "Standing in the Shadows of Love" and "Bernadette." 

The exhibit, titled "Motown: The Sound of Young America," "traces the evolution of the label, focusing on its major artists and musical achievements, and explores how the sound of Motown continues to influence some of pop music's most important artists today" according to a release from the LBJ Library. 

The exhibit features stage outfits from many of the label's top performers, including the Four Tops, exclusive interviews, and interactive displays.

The exhibit is curated by the GRAMMY Museum and is open through next year.