LCRA invites Central Texans to explore parks this summer

LCRA is inviting Central Texans to explore the outdoors this summer. From fishing to camping, the nonprofit offers adventures of all kinds.

FOX 7 Austin's Tierra Neubaum got to explore some of the summer offerings in Marble Falls.

Adventure ATX

Adventure ATX is a new kind of accommodation available at LCRA parks that visitors don't have set up themselves.

Adventure ATX offers a five-person overland trailer designed for camping or weekends at state parks. The trailer features on-board AC and heat, propane and a 32-gallon water tank.

The company also offers other options, like vehicle rooftop tents, and add-ons, like smokers, outdoor stoves and more.

Adventure ATX is available for booking at LCRA parks and other locations.


Have you ever wanted to explore the wonders of nature without breaking a sweat? LCRA has the solution: UTVs.

UTVs give visitors the chance to enjoy the terrain, views and native wildlife of LCRA parks and can be reserved for a guided tour.

Amani safari-style luxury tents

Campers can also enjoy luxury safari-style accommodations this summer at LCRA parks.

Visitors can camp in style with a full bathroom with a shower, a king-size bed, AC, hot tub and kitchen. 

Campers can also have a meal kit delivered or even book a personal chef.

Summer at LCRA Parks

LCRA is reminding visitors that Memorial Day is coming and to book their cabins and amenities for the summer now.

Summer camp slots are also still available, including at parks close to Austin.