10 local artists to showcase their work throughout Austin

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An Austin community initiative will give 10 local artists the opportunity to showcase their work on billboards for millions to see throughout Austin.

The Austin Art Advertising creative project was launched by Reagan Outdoor Advertising as a way to recognize local art, giving nearly 200 talented art-makers the opportunity to submit their work.

“Our business is reliant upon the talented artists who call Austin home; Austin Art Boards is our way of giving back,” said in a statement Billy Reagan, president of Reagan Outdoor Advertising.

The 10 artists were selected by a panel of peers in the arts community. Their art will be exhibited for the next year starting this fall.

Twenty other finalists were also recognized and will have their work shown on the Austin Art Boards website.

To view art pieces by the 10 selected winners and 20 finalists, check out our gallery above or visit the Austin Art Advertising gallery.