16-year-old Astroworld Festival victim Brianna Rodriguez honored, remembered at her high school

One of the eight victims who died at Friday’s Travis Scott concert was 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez, who is being remembered at her high school. 

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Beautiful pink balloons are flying all over Heights High School in honor and memory of Brianna Rodriguez, a bubbly high school student who simply went to a concert to enjoy herself on Friday and never made it home.       


As students file into the school Monday after the tragic weekend, it’s clear to see just how loved the 16-year-old is. 

"I just respect her so much. I’m going to miss her," says one girl. 

Brianna was a friend to many and on the dance team at HISD’s Heights High. 

"I'm in the organization of dance and we danced with them and everything and it’s really sad to see an angel go away from our school," says Heights High School student Jessi Martinez.  

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With sadness in their hearts, the teen’s schoolmates are remembering by flying pink balloons to celebrate her life and students are wearing the color from head to toe. 

"Because I just wanted to show support for her, like it’s really, really sad," says Heights High School student Aaliyah Saenz, who was actually also there at the AstroWorld Festival. "I was like in the middle (of the arena) and I was only there for like maybe three or four songs then I left because it got too crazy. (How were you able to leave?) Me and my sister we pushed our way through the crowd," Saenz explains. 

The lawsuits against the organizers, promoters and Travis Scott himself have already started. Attorney Jesus Garcia with the Kherkher Garcia Law Firm is seeking a minimum $1 million for his client who’s suffering from fractured ribs and nightmares.

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"At the end of the day, we are seeking justice and the only thing that a civil system like ours allows us to recover is money. I wish there was the option of asking the jurors to press a button and we could undo fractured ribs, we could undo deaths, but we can’t," Garcia says.

We're told a candlelight vigil and balloon release is being planned for Wednesday night.