17-year-old arrested for kidnapping, aggravated robbery

The Austin Police Department has arrested a 17-year-old for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Tyquan Hassan Guzman of Austin, Texas is accused of abducting a female victim at gun point, threatening her with sexual violence and stealing her vehicle on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. 

According to APD, multiple people called 911 from the 1100 block of Bentwood Drive to report that someone was banging on their doors crying and asking for help. When officers arrived on scene, the female victim said that she was carjacked by a male with a gun and that she had jumped out of the car to escape him. 

The victim was transported to the hospital by ATCEMS due to having several injuries. 

According to the victim, she was parked in the 1400 block of Tinnin Ford Road and fell asleep in her car. When she woke up there was a male standing over her and demanding her to move to the passenger's seat. The suspect was holding a silver looking handgun so the victim complied and moved. 

The suspect then began to drive the victim's 2010 Toyota Corolla. 

The suspect began to drive northbound on I-35 from Riverside Drive and questioned to victim about who she lived with, if she had money, a wallet or a phone. The suspect also made lewd comments to the victim. 

At some point while they were driving, the suspect began to slow down. The victim took the opportunity, she grabbed her wallet and jumped out of the moving car on I-35. 

The victim tried to flag down passing cars for help but was unsuccessful. She then went to a nearby neighborhood and started knocking on doors and asking for help. She suffered a broken elbow which required surgery as well as road rash on several parts of her body. 

Separately, other officers with the Austin Police Department were responding to another case with several similarities. In this case. a male had approached a female at a car wash and began making lewd comments to her. As he tried to approach her, she hopped into her vehicle and drove a short distance away. The female was startled to find that the male suspect had followed her and opened her car door.

The suspect demanded a cigarette and reached for his right pocket as if he was taking something out. The female began to honk her car repeatedly to draw attention which cause the male suspect to run away. 

Officers responded to the scene and stopped a male who matched the description given by the female. The suspect who has been detained was identified as Tyquan Hassan Guzman. 

While in the Travis County Jail, Guzman made several telephone calls where he discussed his pending charges. While reviewing those calls, detectives observed Guzman making statements such as "The b**** jumped out of the car on the highway. I was going a hundred. Going a hundred on the highway and she jumped out." Guzman was also heard asking, "Can you call Junior and tell him to take the plates off my car?"

Detectives with the Austin Police Department drove in the area around Guzman's listed address and located the victim's stolen Toyota Corolla approximately two blocks away in the 4900 block of West Wind Trail. 

Guzman has been charged with both Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Robbery.