Weeklong closure of northbound I-35, US 183 flyover to slow down commutes

For those planning on heading north on 183 this week, be prepared to go a different way as a major detour is set to take place.

The northbound I-35 to northbound US 183 flyover will be temporarily closed for a week.

"Seven days, that's terrible," Austin Perkins said, who just moved to Austin about a month ago.

"I just figured out how to get from my job to here like yesterday, so now I'm going to have to change it all around and lose that whole thing, but that's okay," Perkins said.

If you’re traveling that way, expect to take a different route from July 31 to August 7.

"Drivers who wish to go northbound on 183 will need to use the US 183 southbound exit, travel on the bypass lane under St. Johns, then make a right on the US-183 southbound frontage road, at that point they will U-turn at Cameron road and take the very next entrance ramp to get onto US 183 northbound," Diann Hodges with the Texas Department of Transportation said.

"I'm not going to have time, I'll have to leave like 30 minutes earlier now," Perkins said.

This closing will allow crews to make final adjustments to the flyover and complete paving. "Once this is complete, drivers should notice a smoother ride," Hodges said.

This project started in January 2018 to construct three flyovers, reconstruct one flyover, build a new bridge at St. Johns Avenue and intersection bypass lanes, and improve bicycle paths and sidewalks.

"This is one of the last major construction activities to happen on this $124 million dollar project," Hodges said.

The project is funded by Texas Clear Lanes Congestion Relief Initiative, sales and use taxes, motor vehicle sales and rental taxes, and severance taxes. TxDOT said the goal is to improve mobility on I-35, one of the most congested segments of roadway in Texas.

"A lot of people told me that traffic is terrible here, but I haven't really felt the traffic that bad, so I think they're doing a pretty good with the construction, getting people through and not making a buildup on the highway," Perkins said. 

TxDOT crews are reminding everyone to remain aware when driving through the work zones.

The flyover is expected to be back open Sunday, August 7.