2 mothers of Santa Fe victims on lockdown during Odessa shooting

Two mothers who lost their sons in the Santa Fe mass shooting were also in Odessa when the mass shooting happened there Saturday.

Pamela Stanich and Rosie Stone's worlds were rocked when they lost their sons--Jared Black and Chris Stone--in the Santa Fe High School shooting last year. Saturday while visiting family in Odessa, they found themselves blocks away from the carnage of another mass shooting.

“Its shocking to say the least," said Stone of the experience going on lockdown while spending Labor Day weekend in Odessa.

Stone's brother and sister-in-law--Mario and Stephanie Yanas--were driving into Odessa when the shooting happened.

​​​​“I just wanted to get to my sister,” said Mario. “I called my sister. Told her what was going on—for her to get inside of the house.”

The Yanas' said they drove through a scene of carnage on I-20.

"The driver's door of the 18-wheeler had blood running down it," said Stephanie. "It was like every mile or every other mile we'd see another car pulled over, or you know, where there was something that had happened."

She says some victims were on the ground outside of their vehicles.

"The male was laying on the ground on his side, and my husband said there was blood on the truck, so he must have got shot," said Stephanie. "I said I'll bet you somebody's going down the highway shooting cars."

She and her husband exited off the freeway, only to find a sea of police lights.

"They were just everywhere," said Stephanie. "It was solid. We knew something big was going on."

Stephanie says it brought back memories from a year ago.

"What we've all gone through in the Santa Fe shooting, it just brought back a lot of emotions."

Stone said the family planned to attend Sunday's vigil for the Odessa victims.

“We just feel it's something we should do," said Stone. "Santa Fe knows what Odessa and Midland are facing right now. Unity is the key to recovery. Together we will hold each other up. “